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Body and Mind. Buddies for Lifetime.

If you have ever been to my classes, you have heard me emphasise the fact of relaxation being equally important as the workout. Giving your body a moment to calm down, calms your mind as well.

Your body floats in the after-waves of the workout, your mind enjoying the after-workout blissful feeling. You have pushed your body through the work, which now gives you a satisfactory feeling of accomplishment. You feel the endorphins rush through your body and give you a good and happy feeling. Does this something like you have ever experienced?



Starting to workout usually happens because of a certain reason. Maybe you want to loose some weight, tone up your muscles, or simply feel better in your body! What ever your target is, it is important to take a positive approach. Think what you body CAN do instead of seeing only the aspects which you CAN'T. Try not to focus on the "problem" as you are not defined by the problem. You are the summary of your capabilities. These capabilities are your tools to work towards your goals. While doing this, you will tackle the insecurities and lesser abilities and strengthen these on your way! See it from a positive perspective and focus on what you can! The rest will follow.

Your body can do more than you can imagine, and your mind and negative attitude can block you from it. Small positive steps at a time will lead you to have an positive effect on you as a whole. These small steps help you to work towards your realistic and attainable goals and give you the feeling of accomplishment once you hit them!

One Two-Piece Puzzle

Your physical and mental wellbeing is a result of everything that happens in your body. Finding a balance between work, workouts, relaxation, reading, hiking, etc - equals to finding your way to feed both your body and mind. Focus on yourself and listen to your body. It will tell you what it needs and find the way how these two puzzle pieces need to sometimes adjust their places and ways to fit to each other on a smooth manner.


Give it a go!

On the coming weekend, give the following a go: head to the woods - no matter the weather - focus on the colours, sounds, scents of the woods. Try to keep your phone in your pocket and not even listen to a podcast or music. Listen to the nature. Breath the fresh air.

Nature will give you a path to move and give your mind small triggers to focus on the beauty surrounding you. Despite the weather, see the positivity in it!


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