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Post-pregnancy Fitness Program

It’s been a while


and still not feeling great in your body?

Back 2 Your Body

Back 2 Yourself

Back 2 You

A fitness program for post-pregnancy women who are ready to claim their bodies back

Back to you - Sanna fitness program
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Feel like yourself again in a new body
that you are proud of

a journey back to your new ideal body

B2Y Fitness Program
Sanna Yellow Flower

It’s been months since you gave birth and still struggling to feel great in your body?

Has tiredness become your predominant state of being? Climbing up a few steps leaves you short of breath, you feel disappointed for not being able to lose the extra weight, not finding the motivation nor the time to get back in shape.  Your joints hurt, your back aches, and you end up wondering if your best years are already behind you…


I know… It is haaard... I’ve been there myself 3 times... and I'm here to tell you, no way!

Can you imagine...

Having enough energy along the day to work, to play cheerfully with your baby, to enjoy evening moments with your partner and with the satisfaction that you gave moments to yourself that feel guilt free!


Your new ideal body shape. Finding yourself stronger, fitter and even more confident than you were before getting pregnant.


All these and much more is possible with the right tools and guidance! And this is why I've created this new program to put you right on track to your new best self.

Yellow flower
About your Coach

Sanna Peltonen

I am a Personal Trainer, NASM certified (National Academy of Sports Medicine) with + 16 years of experience behind me in the fitness branch. Specialised in pre-and post pregnancy workout and with a track record of safely and successfully guiding mums into their new ideal body shape.

Sanna Peltonen

But most importantly, I am a mother, who has recovered from 3 pregnancies! With their own particular difficulties, this has allowed me to put together a comprehensive program (like no other in the market) that is safe, flexible, effective and tailored to the needs of a busy mum like you!

I have partnered with Caroline Bui who is a physiotherapist specialised in pelvi-perioneology. Caroline will be able to assist in the post-partum process from a kinesitherapy point of view. 

Caroline Bui

Caroline Bui


Caroline has a master’s degree in Physiotherapy  with specialisation in pelvi-perineology via the EIRPP (École Internationale de Rééducation du Plancher Pelvien). Her care for post-partum women extends to the abdominal rehabilitation, which most practitioners leave out and which is critical to safely work out. She is loved by her patients for her 200% commitment to delivering the best results, and for her unique teaching style that will keep you committed to your recovery.

The            Program
B2Y Fitness program
  • 30 min classes

  • Delivered in a hybrid format: 8 classes per month via my app specifically designed for you. 

  • A check-up video-call after 2 weeks

  • An in-person session with your coach after 4 weeks prior to moving to the next phase.

  • Monthly InBody body composition follow-up to check on your progress

  • 2 post-pregnancy check-ups by Physiotherapist Caroline Bui (beginning & end of the program*)

  • Personalised approach

  • Start when ever you want!

  • Recommended duration 3-4 months in order to give you a proper start for further fitness activities

*if you opt for a pelvic floor rehabilitation check-up, please provide a prescription from your gynaecologist or GP.
The cost for this is separate of the program.

B2Y program
The Results

By the end of the program, you will have:

  • Improved the pelvic floor-core connection and strengthened the the muscles in this area

  • Feel an uplift in your posture

  • Dramatically reduced if not completely eliminated the previously prominent neck, shoulder and back pain

  • Feel stronger and have more endurance 

  • Toned up your entire body 

  • Put your metabolism up to speed.

Overall you will be feeling stronger, more confident, energised and more importantly proud of how far you have come!

Your investment is EUR 300,- /month, but there is still more...

To complement your journey, as a bonus you will receive Nutrition and Health advice by my partner specialists.

Vesela Drews
  1. A Nutrition private Master class specially designed for B2Y mums. 
    How to eat healthy when time is scarce. How to stop emotional eating which is sabotaging your goals and essential nutrients a new mom needs.

  2. Regular hassle-free nutrition tips as you progress into the B2Y journey

  3. Q&A sessions along the program where you can get direct answers from her

Founder @ platefulnutrition

Vesela Drews

Holistic Nutritionist
Pre & post-natal nutrition specialist

What you will get
What you will get

Program per month

8 live-online classes

1 video catch-up 

1 in-person workout

1 InBody check-up


Post-pregnancy nutritional guidance

High quality equipment 

Swiss ball (65 cm)

4 kg kettlebell

resistance band ‘medium’ (2 m)

Close up kettlebells with woman exercise workout in gym fitness breaking relax after sport

EUR 300,-  / month

FREE Guide

"Start where you are"

Yellow Flower
Sanna Execises Guide
Get a Sneak preview for free!

Sign up to receive my free guide with some of my favourite exercises that you can safely start today!

Thank you for your interest and do not hesitate to ask us questions.
Money-Back guarantee

If after completing all the program you don’t feel stronger, more energised and generally  better about yourself, you get your money back.


All I want from you is to take the  first step, I know you won't regret it and can't wait to meet you on the other side!

Read more about this here 

I know well enough that when it comes to change, we look for every possible excuse to not execute. I don’t want that to happen to you.

That’s why I’m offering you a

Money-Back Guarantee
100% Money Back
Yellow Flower
Quotes Sanna

Pregnancy is the most physically demanding experience you have had in your life. It is my mission to accompany you in the journey to praise and value the work your body has done by rebuilding it safely and compassionately into the new, strong and beautiful shape of you. 

Sanna Peltonen


Should you have a question that has not been covered here,

please email me at 

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