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The Great "Why"

I work with a great variety of people. All with different backgrounds, all with different fitness levels, different reasons to work out and different targets. Some want to lose weight, some to get more muscle mass, some want to simply be active, and some want to be able to participate in the group classes. What combines all these people? The willingness to work towards a target. The WANT deep inside that makes them come, time after time to the PT session or group session - and oh yes, very often with the feeling of “WHY??” and not having the energy. For many this is the only way to remain active and be accountable for themselves - having that moment in the week that is for themselves only and making them move.

"Target itself is usually just the tip of the iceberg."

Knowing where you are heading

Defining your target is something we do in the PT intake-conversation. That is the first step working out with me. Understanding the reason why. Target itself is usually just the tip of the iceberg. We need to understand the deep reasons WHY which lie under the iceberg. When you can not reason for yourself 100% clearly WHY you are doing this and WHY xyz is your goal, it will be very challenging to keep up with your actions and head towards that target. This will give you the deep motivation which truly is the reason why you are heading towards your target.

Think of the following example: I want to lose weight. Why? Because I am tired and unable to move properly. Why does that bother you? Because I want to spend time with my children and be active, instead of simply watching them! There you have a clear reason WHY you want to lose weight and thus exercise!

How you define your target in words is important. “I have to lose weight”. This has a rather negative connotation. You MUST do something. Do you think that telling yourself that you MUST workout or exercise, or MUST participate in a group class, will motivate you? Does that give you a good vibe about it and get you signing up immediately? I would say no. Defining your goal in a positive and motivating manner is important: I want to lose weight - and the reasoning in your mind WHY you want to do it! Voilà! - now you feel like getting in action!

Teaming up

I as a coach need to understand the underlying reasons for your target. The role of the coach is not simply counting the repetitions and saying what the next exercise is.

A coach is there for the physical part but also very much for the mental part. Stepping on the treadmill for your warming up and getting yourself moving is for many people a moment to tell about their week, maybe of the issues they are facing with their career or in their family lives. A coach is an objective person who is there only for them for that hour. Physical activity can open up a lot of mental blocks which will again help you in your physical work - towards your target. I like to refer to myself as a coach for the reason that I want to work together with each person as a team. Coach and coachee. Side by side, both having a clear idea WHY we are doing this and heading towards that clear, positive and motivating target!

"These people find the strength to show up for themselves even at the moment when it feels much easier to give up."

Targets into Actions

So - what combines the people who train with me? The fact that they show up for themselves, every week. Working towards that specific target. No matter how low in energy they might feel, making the time in their agenda for it, making it happen. Because: for whom do you do it? For yourself. These people find the strength to show up for themselves even at the moment when it feels much easier to give up. And that is what I call discipline.


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