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Physical coaching 1

Physical Coaching / one-on-one

EUR 80.00/h

A personalised approach, taking as a starting point your current physical ability.

I build for you a personalised program, which takes into account your health, past exercise experience, your activity levels etc. This program focuses on reaching your realistic target. 

Each person is different and has different goals. With a one-on-one approach, I am able to guide you through your workouts on a focused and motivating manner.

The first appointment is for fitness assessment purposes, includes a body composition measurement by InBody and is free of charge. 

Additional mileage fee will apply for sessions taking place elsewhere than at my studio. 

Physical Coaching / two-on-one

EUR 130.00/h

Do you wish to work out together with your friend? Do you share similar interests and have more or less similar targets?

We can together select the correct approach and the suitable forms of exercise for you two to build on your fitness levels and remain motivated! Working out with a friend or your partner, can be an extremely powerful set-up. You push towards your targets together and share the pain and the gain! And you can spend time together. These workouts are usually so much fun - also for the coach!!

Fitness Boot Camp

EUR 15.00/h

The boot camps are down to earth and full of power! 

Here we work with a series of basic exercises that focus on strength, cardio and endurance. This  is about improving your ability to perform your everyday activities, be it working on strength, posture or maybe toning your body or losing weight. The class has a flavour of CrossFit, is suitable for all levels, and has a different theme every week! You will leave this class with a clear feeling of the work you have done and happy to start your Sunday! 

Currently available on Sunday mornings at Howald School!

Fitness Boot Camp
Back to your body - B2Y
B2Y Post Pregnancy Program
Pre- and post natal fitness

Pre- and postnatal fitness

Safe training throughout the whole pregnancy and beyond. giving you strength during and the tools to rebuild it after.

Corporate fitness

Providing training in a corporate environment for your employees not only improves their physical health, but also boosts their energy levels and creativity. Corporate classes can vary from outdoor boot camps to indoor workout classes. These are always tailor-made to comply in specific your companys needs. Contact me for further details and possibilities and we can set up a program in specific for you!

InBody - See what you're made of

Would you like to know what you are made of?

By doing an InBody body composition measurement, we can break down the body into smaller components: fat, protein, minerals and body water. You will understand what your weight really consists of. In addition to this, we can determine fat mass, muscle mass and body fat percentage and with a monthly follow up, track the changes in this. This will ensure that we work on the right way and target the correct areas in regards to body composition as well. 

InBody body composition measurement is included in the intake assessment free-of-charge and can be an add-on in your monthly training plan for EUR 20,00 per month. 

InBody Measurements
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