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Sanna exercises

Today is The Day!

Have you always found a good excuse for not kicking off on your fitness journey? "I have no time, its going to be too hard, I feel tired, I have no energy" etc. All these probably sound very familiar. 

Most of us want to be active and fit, but also most of us need a little push to get started.

Guess what? Today is the day to take action and think about yourself!

Let's see how many of these boxes you can tick off.


You are a woman somewhere between 25-50 years old


You are fed up with not getting yourself to move


You want to get rid of that sloppy posture


Your general feeling is tired and lacking energy


You want to lose a few extra kilos and feel stronger

I wonder how many of those you ticked off. So, the next tick in the box is:


You want to kick if off with a coach who makes you move on a fun and effective way fully based on what you need and what your goal is. 

With the ticks in the boxes, you are ready for a healthier life with more strength and energy! I want to make your fitness journey fun and effective. You will not be willing to keep on going unless you enjoy it, and that is for sure something that I can guarantee! 

My mission is to make the journey to your well-being effective,100% personalised and fun. This all together makes the path more enjoyable.

Personal Trainer | Sanna - Physical Coach - NASM certified


My name is Sanna. I am a NASM Certified Personal Trainer and a group fitness instructor. Sports and fitness became my "thing" in my late 20's. The combination of music, fitness hall and getting people moving gave me such a satisfaction that I finally - after nearly 20 years - decided to leave my normal career in the business world and follow my passion. 

I want to get people moving and enjoying exercise. Exercise should be fun, and that is the key to make it part of your daily life! My coaching follows this idea: it is efficient, structured and yet easy-going and effective!

Through my work, I hope to encourage you to develop yourself, find your energy and strength and make you feel good. 

Sanna Peltonen

I combine all the aspects of my experience of more than 16 years and adapt the training based on your needs. What ever your starting point is, I will make sure that the way we train, will be suitable for you and targeting your goal on a safe manner.


Personalised approach on individual basis. Tailor-made program based on your needs and goals.

Are you a (future)-mama and wish to ensure your strength levels in either pre-or postnatal phase? 

Do you enjoy training in a group context? Boot camp outdoors on Sundays are your choice! 

Want to boost the energy levels and creativity of your employees? Private group sessions just for your company. 


Catarina S. 
physical coaching

"I would like to thank you for helping me in this journey to get in good shape while slowly achieving my goals and for pushing me when I'm about to give up. Contacting you to start our sessions together was one of the best decisions I've made in the last year."

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