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Imagine staying motivated to work out regularly, enjoying the benefits of small group sessions, all under the expert guidance of a dedicated coach. 

Plus, indulge in a monthly massage to relax and rejuvenate your muscles by Five Senses Massage Studio Howald.

Our membership packages offer you all this and more at an unbeatable value.

Join today and elevate your fitness journey!


  • "Workout of the Day" twice a week

  • Small group setup

  • Monthly payment of EUR 76,-

*price per session less than EUR 10!


  • "Workout of the Day" twice a week

  • Small group setup

  • 45 min massage - once a month

  • Monthly payment of EUR 136,-

How does it work?
  • "Workout of the Day"-sessions constantly evolve to keep you engaged and challenged. A full-body workout that builds strength, endurance, and mobility in exciting and innovative ways. Does this sound like a fun way to work out? If yes, go on with the next steps!

  • You select the plan which suits your needs. 

  • Purchase the plan here

  • For each Monday and Wednesday workouts you book your spot online - using your plan as the payment method. I recommend you to upload the app so that booking your spot goes even faster! (Here also you can manage your subscription if needed.)

  • As the subscription renews every month, it will take into account the date when you purchased it. No need to wait until the beginning of the month, but you can register at any moment of the month!

  • You show up to as many of the twice weekly workouts as you wish per month! 

  • If you have the "Zen & Fit"-membership, you book your massage separately with Five Senses Massage Studio Howald via Salonkee as a "prepaid session".

Unbeatable value!
  • Simplicity at its best - Membership means that one step has already been taken - now you only show up!

  • Affordable - Workouts for less than EUR 10 per session!

  • Self-care moment fixed for every month: Reduced rate for a 45-Minute Massage. You can choose the type of massage yourself together with the massage therapist. 

Transform your fitness and self-care routine! 
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