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Focus on the most Physical Experience of Your Life!


"Modify your workouts - remember that you are pregnant, but not powerless!" A great sentence to keep in mind when considering exercise and pregnancy. The approach to positivity about exercise during pregnancy has developed enormously in the past years. Women are encouraged to remain active, to move and to remember that pregnancy is not a show-stopper to any of this!

My main target is to help you go through your pregnancy with minimal or no back and postural issues, and afterwards let you recover and build up your strength again. And all this will take place on the terms of your energy and fitness levels, throughout the pregnancy and postpartum. Each workout is carefully designed to represent the appropriate phase you are going through keeping safety of the workouts as our priority. We work together with the approval from your gynaecologist in order to guarantee this in both pre and post natal phases. 

"As a mother myself, I have experienced three completely different pregnancies, three totally different births, bringing to this world three completely different personalities. I know myself the difficulties in finding the self-discipline to keep on going and -most of all - also the great benefits of exercising throughout the pregnancies and postpartum. My passion is to help women navigate through this time and take care of themselves whilst entering the world of motherhood." Sanna

Personal Prenatal Coaching

Prenatal training helps in understanding the functions of your muscles and how these work during the pregnancy and finally assist you in giving birth! We will take a good look at your current fitness level and take a fully personal approach to your prenatal training. The workouts flow based on you and your pregnancy and are adjusted on a weekly basis taking into account your needs, energy levels and the progress in your pregnancy. 

Training is split into three areas - simply on the trimester you are currently going through.

Pregnant Woman Working Out


Focus on:

  • keeping up the current fitness level

  • learning a variety of breathing methods

  • strengthening your inner core and your posture as prevention for excessive spine curvature as your tummy grows

  • learning to work with and relax your pelvic floor musculature 



Focus on:

  • more in depth in breathing methods

  • preventive work related to possible back and pelvic floor issues
  • keeping up your stamina with light cardio training

Seated Side Bend


Focus on:

  • remaining active and moving

  • continuing preventive work related to possible back and pelvic floor issues

  • softening the training but keeping up the work

  • preparation work for the birth 

Personal Postnatal Coaching

Postnatal training, as any training, aims at strengthening and toning your muscles and increasing your overall health. During your postpartum period, exercise has even further potential to boost your energy levels, promote for better sleep, relieve stress, strengthen your core and postural muscles, and possibly help you loose the extra weight you might have gained during the pregnancy.

The primary goal of postnatal training is however, to move your body and in specific perform movements which make you feel good! Postnatal training gives a moment for you and a chance for you to focus on yourself. When you are feeling good and energised, also your baby will benefit from it!

Postnatal training is a long revalidation process after the pregnancy and birth, but when this is done timely and on a focused manner, your body will greatly benefit from it and regain its strength!

Mother and Baby


Focus on:

  • taking it easy!

  • bringing back the variety of breathing methods

  • slow rebuilding of your inner core 

  • great focus on stretching and flexibility

* To start only after the go-ahead from your gynaecologist*

Mother Doing Yoga with Baby


Focus on:

  • working on your postural muscles 

  • strengthening the pelvic floor 

  • continuous work on the inner core

  • great variety of stretching and flowing movement patterns

Baby Yoga


Focus on:

  • continuing to build further to the core

  • intensifying the training level both on strength and on cardio

  • keeping up the good work and energy levels

How to get started?

Contact Sanna for a first chat in order to get the ball rolling and arrange your first appointment for assessment.  

I hope that  I can be part of your journey into motherhood and help you remain active and keep up your energy and fitness levels, before, throughout and after the pregnancy! ​

Pricing for personal coaching on pre and post natal training is dependent on the different options you choose and on the length of your commitment. The package will be tailor-made for you.

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