It’s 2020 - what’s up?

We are a month into 2020. Every new year brings new trends. Also in sports. But there is one trend that remains and recurs - very strongly.  This is the trend of “Now I will take care of myself and start working out”. With my years of group instructor experience that is THE trend which comes up at the beginning of every single year. The classes are packed, people are boosting motivation, there is this strong energy vibe in the air. The buzz of working out..! It is the motivation to get fit, tired of eating and drinking outrageously with no limits what so ever! Overindulged Christmas time and the joy of summer bbq’s are good examples that come to my mind as I think of triggers which make you follow the annual trend.

Do you recognize yourself in this? I am sure that quite many do. With my experience, this buzz remains for some weeks still, and then suddenly it is over - just like that. With the result that you feel most likely disappointed about yourself, accusing yourself that you “didn’t manage”. And this negative feeling probably puts you off from trying again. A vicious circle.

Cool & Trendy?

Trends usually come, give direction and then slowly vanish or melt in. The above mentioned trend however is rather unique. Having its lifecycle, but still seasonally popping up. Without too much generalization, mainstream people are all affected by trends. People want to follow new tendencies, experience new things. Try things out. Simply said: people want to be cool and trendy. That is built-in in us humans together with the peer-pressure-feeling. The need to act on a similar way as your peers do. And here we come back to the seasonal trend of “Now I will take care of myself and start working out”. Social pressure pushes us to start and only when the motivation is more than a build-up of peer-pressure and following the mainstream trend, you will stick to it. 

“Trend is a direction to which things are moving. A tendency that can be seen as a result of earlier actions. ”

And in 2020?

But the trends also tell us about people’s needs - what did not work before, the need for new ways of doing. In 2020, Group Training, HIIT training, Health & Wellness coaching, Body Weight training, Personal Training and the importance of certified fitness professionals stand clearly out as ways of training that work and the importance that is given to well educated instructors. Topics that all touch very closely to the activities that both Åsa and I are offering in our range and give value to. Certified professionals providing a more personalized and focused approach and more with a holistic view; seeing the body as a part of the set up of ‘mind-body-spirit’.

In January we released our GetFit2020! pack. Without realizing that in fact we were hitting a whole bunch of trends in one go! Small group training, personalized coaching and working much on our body weight. Adding on to it also our Scandinavian backgrounds and prioritising outdoor sport. We believe the aspect of fresh outdoor air gives a mental add-on on the training. In the coming weeks we will post more on our new developments with outdoor aspects… so stay tuned.

Believe in your Goals

Sanna-Åsa has a simple goal in 2020, aligned with the above trends. Make you believe in your goals, give us a chance to help you find the way for you to remain healthy and fit and help you on that journey. We hope that we let you pass the hurdle of the simple buzz and manage keep you active. In the end the question is: who do you do it for? For yourself. 

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