You can select from the below packages the approach most suitable for you. Packages define the structure of the approach. For one or two-on-one physical coaching, the programs are built specifically for you. 

Get fit by running

Physical Coaching


A personalised approach concentrating on your current physical ability and your targets. We build for you a personalised program, which takes into account your health, past exercise experience, activity levels etc. 

Our approach to building the personalised programs has been very successful in helping people to reduce their body fat, increase strength and improve overall mobility and health.

Each person is different and has different goals.  With a one-on-one approach we are able to guide you through your workout on a focused and motivating manner. 

The first time will be purely for fitness assessment purposes and be free of charge. 

EUR 65,- /h 1p

Body shape

Physical Coaching 


Do you wish to work out together with your friend? Do you share similar interests and have more or less similar targets?

We can together select the correct approach and the suitable forms of exercise for you two to build on your fitness levels and remain motivated! 

EUR 100,- /h 2p

Weekly exercise

Small Group Class

3-6 people

Are you a small group of people who wish to work out together?  Working out together in a group gives you that extra kick, we’ll be there to give you the necessary input and assistance as your coach.


Creating a solid small group is also a smart way of keeping up regularity in your training. You can’t miss the training when your friends are waiting for you!

Contact us for an offer for this!

Personal training, two-on-one training and small group training can take place at my personal training studio, outdoors, at your home, at your work if you have suitable premises - we are flexible and will bring the necessary equipment with us!



Are you looking for a specific class which you would like to follow? On top of the packages, we also offer classes which are more general in nature. What is the focus you wish to have? What is the goal? Based on this, we will be able to guide you to the right direction in order to optimise the results. Our initial outcome is that you enjoy the training, learn to know your body and feel good.

A complete body training based on music that gives you the boost you need to get the most out of it! The class consists of various sequences which concentrate on different parts of your body: arms, core, bum, legs... A powerful class requiring and building on strength and endurance with peaks of cardio in between.

Most of all - a fun class to boost your energy!

Currently available ONLINE on Tuesdays!


This is all about focus. A class combined with soft but yet powerful movements tightly entangled in your breathing. This class works on your core strength and flexibility. Music plays a key role and brings you to the right level of motivation and activation. The class combines aspects from grounding, pilates, yoga and mindfulness. 

Currently available ONLINE on Thursdays!


Our boot camps are down to earth and might suit you if you don’t feel like a fitness person. Here we work in series of basic exercises focusing on strength, cardio and endurance. This  is about improving your ability to perform your everyday activities, be it working on  strength, posture or maybe toning your body or losing weight. In this class we think of the  raining for the entire movement—not just a specific muscle. The class has a flavour of crossfit but adapted to your level, and in the form of a circuit training, and we like to make it playful.

Currently available in Howald Park on Sundays!

Boot Camp

A feel good flow class for all levels in slow tempo with special focus on stretch and core strength. In this vinyasa style class we work with basic asanas allowing you to explore poses for improved flexibility, strength and endurance. A combination of dynamic vinyasa style yoga but with time for stretch, recovery and stillness. The class can be be empowered with more focus on core and strength, or with more stretch and mobility training, depending on your needs and likes. Yoga is also a nice nice way to experience patience, patience with your body and your person. Only then can result start happening in your training!

Currently available ONLINE on Wednesday mornings!


A compact class concentrating fully on the core muscles of the body. A low-impact on knees and joints, without jumps and therefore accessible to everyone. The core muscles are located in the midsection of the body and work to stabilise the spine in our everyday activities and give us a better posture. We will work through a range of exercises focusing on the abdomen, lower abdomen, obliques hips, back, bum - mainly using as a weight only our own body weight.

Suitable for all packages.


Wellness massage helps to release muscle tensions and pain and strain, often due to our seated lifestyle, and to improve flexibility. You can use it to prevent injuries or prepare for a major sport event (long distance running, biking competitions). Massage improves our immune system and triggers the “feel-good” hormon oxytocin in the body. The oxytocin not only makes us feel good but also facilitates recovery, makes our blood pressure go down and decreases the level of stresshormons in the body.  

30 minutes 30€;  60 minutes 60€;  90 minutes 90€
Individual. Not s
uitable for the packages.

Our massage
We offer Swedish massage certified by the Axelsons Institute in Stockholm. Axelsons is Scandinavia's oldest and largest school for complementary and alternative medicine.

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